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Access Communications Group, LLC is committed to providing our
customers with quality service by delivering consistent results, no matter the Scope of Work. 
This is accomplished by the contributions, objectives and dedication of every Team Member throughout the company.

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We can custom-design an audio/video system that works well and is easy to use for: 

Audio/Video Solutions

We have partnered with popular brands such as Planar, NEC, Panasonic, and Live Wall Media. If you are considering an audio/video system or upgrade, let us know today! We can design a custom-built audio/video system that is not only affordable, but designed to your specific needs. 

We design, build, and provide audio video installation for:

- corporate use

- churches

- residential

- classroom

We specialize in:

- digital signage

- video wall displays

- theater systems

- video projectors

Classroom                                      Church                                   Government                                Residential