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Audio Video Jobs

Lighthouse for the Blind

San Antonio

Lighthouse for the Blind

Fort Bliss Building 1002 - Installed a paging system with 4 horns and a gateway for scheduling

Value: $9,000

Date: March 2020

Tigua Enterprise Port of Entry Consultaion San Ysidro

Tigua Enterprise

Port of Entry Consultaiton

San Ysidro Port of Entry - inspected the PA system to determine the cause of the excessive noise. Installed a

low-frequency noise filter to help with noise reduction

Vale: $8,500

Date: March 2020

First Light CU Corporate Offices

First Light CU

Corporate Offices

Audio-video solutions in multiple rooms including audio-video equipment

Value: $70,000

Date: September - November 2018

City of El Paso Municipal Courts

City of El Paso

Municipal Courts

Upgraded video arraignment system for bond stations and courts, developed a web-based video arraignment scheduling tool and implemented the ability for metrics and statistics. Performed 'cut over' for 4 main bond stations and courts

5-year support contract

Value: $61,000

Date: December 2019-March 2020


El Paso

Community College

Audio-video design and installation in administrative offices on all campuses

Value: $600,000

Date: December 2018

Lordsburg Municipal Schools

Lordsburg Municipal Schools

Cabling, camera installation, and audio-video set up including the installation of a 210" rear projection screen in the auditorium

Value: $180,000

Date: Services in 2017,2018, and 2019

Fort Davis ISD PA System

Fort Davis ISD

Upgraded PA system, repaired and replaced damaged cabling, installed new speakers and ensured proper routing to the system in the gym, elementary school, and high school. Installed wireless access points in multiple locations

Value: $7,000

Date: February 2020

Shure Corporation Audio Video Solution

Shure Corporation

Audio-video solutions including all audio-video equipment - VCS

Value: $40,000

March 2018

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