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City of El Paso Municipal Courts

Video Arraignment System


Scope of Work: Upgraded Video Arraignment System for Municipal Courts and Bond Stations

Date: March 2020

Value: $61,000 + 5 Year Support Contract

Municipal Court Requested Project Goals
The City of El Paso Municipal Courts requested an equipment upgrade for the video arraignment system. The solution would require integration with the existing LifeSize contract for their Video Jail Arraignment sessions. This includes making use of the available licenses and communication with the existing LifeSize systems.

The court anticipated to gain efficiencies in the quality of calls and to add the ability to record sessions to the LifeSize cloud. The upgrade was to be completed in Pebble Hills, The Westside, and Mission Valley bond stations, and connect to the new system at Northeast and Central Municipal courtrooms. 


Work Completed

With the Court's project goals in mind, we were able to:

  • install all new video arraignment equipment

  • provide the ability to record sessions using the current LifeSize Cloud 

  • improve the video arraignment process efficiency

  • created a streamlined process for better customer service

  • developed a web-based information system including software and security upgrades

  • completed full integration to existing equipment

  • replaced all LifeSize Equipment at each bond station

  • connected new equipment to enable recording in the LifeSize Cloud

Support Contract
5 Year Maintenance and Support
Access Communications Group, LLC, independently engaged in the business of IT Services, providing support services for the entire LifeSize System, to exclude material already covered under manufacturer warranty. 

Service and Support Includes:

  • Next business day service between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

  • Labor for replacing equipment under warranty

  • Additional six (6) hours of training per year

  • Updates on configurations to improve performance

  • Ten (10) hours of consulting per year

  • Technical coordination with LifeSize

  • Assistance with optimizing security configurations 

  • Cleaning of cabinets and lenses

Customer Satisfaction

Our client was very satisfied with the service provided. We were able to exceed the basic expectations of the scope of the project goals. Because of our ability to continually exceed expectations and provide exceptional service and support, the City of El Paso Municipal Courts entered into a 5-year support contract. 

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