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Federal Past Performance

ACG has an extensive list of federal past performance jobs in our portfolio. Check out some of our favorites and most recent!

Federal Past Performance

Project Name: Holloman Air Force Base Station Cameras Installation

Project Description: Installed of 11 AUTODOME low-light indoor/outdoor cameras with pendant arms, 11 BOSCH Midspan Power Injector and 9 FLEXIDOME starlight cameras. 4 inside dome cameras and 16 outside point/tilt/zoom cameras. The installation of the cameras, necessary workstations, and monitoring required single mode fiber to be installed as well. Trained staff on programmable camera features and set up the programming per the client’s needs.

Project Date: Completed February 2020

Contract Amount: $93,000

Project Name: Optical Fiber Install

Customer: USPFO National Guard New Mexico

Project Description: Complete renewal of optical fiber  backbone for the entire campus at the New Mexico Army National Guard in Santa Fe. Installed over 14,000 feet of single mode underground fiber cable, over 700 fusion spliced connections, 13 buildings connected and switched over without interruption of service, removal of all previous used multi-mode fiber, and verified all connections are Tier 2 by state-of-the-art OTDR testing procedures (OTDR – Optical Time Domain Reflectometer).

Project Date: September 2018

Project Name: 1st Armored Division SCIF Cameras

Project Description: Designed and installed upgraded access control systems and CCTV for 6 separate SCIF locations. This included the installation and configuration of multiple cameras in various locations throughout each SCIF. Installed StarWatch, configured all software, upgraded servers, and upgraded workstations.

Project Date: March 2021

Contract Amount: $278,180

Project Name: Kirtland Video Conference System / Filer Storage / Access Control System

Project Description: SDIR and JWICS - used non Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Installed 86" displays with CISCO codecs and touch screen controls. Installed all licensing and configurations. Installed three 100TByte file storage units to replace an outdated existing system to their SCIF. Installed complex access control system with new gate control, CISCO wireless secured mesh, and an all new master key system - allows the unit to manage access to sensitive areas using CAC cards - fully independent system with a back up system in place.

Project Date: October 2019 - March

Project Name: Chamizal Theater Lighting & Electrical Grid Upgrade

Customer: The Department of the Interior

Project Description: Upgraded Theater Lighting 238 LED lighting fixtures, redesigned the electrical power grid to reduce the risk of fire and ease of maintenance without increasing the overall cost.

Project Date: October 2019 - February 2020

Contract Amount: $895,000

Project Name: IBWC Server Migration

Customer: International Boundary and Water Commission

Project Description: Complete file server migration for 14 servers, 10TB external hard drive installation, and extended on-site support service.

Project Date: November 2020

Contract Amount: $196,586

Project Name: Fort Bliss Learning Center Security Gates

Customer: USASMA

Project Description: Install gate and door security system/access controls. Installed necessary software and completed configurations. Trained staff on use and provided a warranty on service and equipment.

Project Date: November 2020

Contract Amount: $80,814

Project Name: Airplane Hangar Paint and Repair

Customer: Cannon Air Force Base

Project Description: Paint and repair flooring and safety markings in sensitive locations throughout the airplane hangar.

Project Date: February 2021

Contract Amount: $1,100,000

Project Name: VIVDS Traffic Light Installation and Change Order Request

Customer: The Department of Defense

Project Description: Installation of video imaging vehicle detection system at multiple traffic light locations on Fort Bliss. Trench to create an accessible pathway, added handholes, and underground conduit.

Project Date: April 2021

Contract Amount: $98,080

Project Name: DAQ ICIDS System of Armory with Electrical Upgrade

Customer: The Department of Defense

Project Description: Installation of DAQ ICIDS for armory including all necessary electrical connections

Project Date: April 2021

Contract Amount: $45,480

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