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Meet The Team

Our telecommunications experts are here to help!

Ana Espinoza


Ana Espinoza


Ana Espinoza


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Ana Espinoza


As president and owner of Access Communications Group, Ana is responsible for the day to day operations in the company. She specializes in management, operations, procurement, and customer service.

Ana makes sure everything runs smoothly from day to day and ensures customer and employee satisfaction alike. 

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Mark Dittmar

Vice President

As vice president and founder of Access Communications Group, Mark oversees business development planning and operations. He specializes in management, operations, procurement, and customer service.

Mark has wonderful visions for the future and pushes himself to bring those visions into reality. 

Eric Gensheimer (1).jpg

Eric Gensheimer

Project Manager

As the project manager, Eric determines and defines project scope and objectives. He predicts the resources needs, prepares a budget based on the scope of work, and tracks all aspects of the project.

Eric the go-to guy to make sure each and every project runs smoothly stays within budget and is the primary point of contact for our clients. 

Helmut Dobler.jpg

Helmut Dobler


With his experience and credentials, Helmut is a great asset to our programming team and assists with programming and planning IT systems, and supports the IT service team. He supports all management-level positions and maintains an open line of communication with service technicians and the office team to ensure maximum cohesion in the design and implementation process. 

As an RCDD project engineer, Helmut also assists with cost estimating and oversees the design and implementation of IT systems for government and private sector contracts.

Bouie Mason.jpg

Bouie Mason

Lead Technician

As lead technician, Bouie preps and plans for all anticipated job needs. He makes sure the job is going according to schedule and submits all progress reports to office staff and clients alike. Bouie's experience makes him the ideal choice for training all new technicians.

Bouie brings an upbeat, helpful, and cheerful tone to our office. He is always the first person to jump in and be truly a team player. 

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Beatrice Scranton

Business Development Manager

A business development manager, Beatrice oversees all existing accounts as well as seeking new business opportunities for the company. She also oversees all work pertaining to joint ventures, teaming agreements, and Mentor Proteges. Beatrice is in charge of identifying, creating, and submitting solicitations for upcoming government contracts. Working closely with our lead engineers and executive team allows her to have a large part in the success of Access Communications Group as a whole. 

Beatrice is likely one of the first faces you will meet when working Access and somehow always manages to know what is going on in every department at all times. She is crucial in the operations of the company. 

Claudia de Diego.jpg

Claudia De Diego


Heading up the accounting department, Claudia manages all payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. As the bookkeeper, she is highly detailed and organized, abiding by strict policies and procedures put forth by the government, federal, and state agencies concerning payroll and company finances.

Claudia is everyone's favorite person in the office because she is the one delivering checks each payday. Thanks to her, all financial functions run according to plan each and every day. 

Estefania Venegas.jpg

Estefania Venegas


As the scheduling manager, Estefania is the one who schedules all job timesheets and invoicing. She is the one who is able to dispatch a team to help our clients in an emergency situation.


Estefania makes our world go 'round and coordinates all aspects of making sure each team, whether it is technicians or office staff, is fully staffed.

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