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Access Communications Group, LLC is committed to providing our
customers with quality service by delivering consistent results, no matter the Scope of Work. 
This is accomplished by the contributions, objectives and dedication of every Team Member throughout the company.

IT Network  Services  - Call us at:  (915) 845-0007

Email: access@acglp.com

Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
(915) 845-0007

Our Portfolio

Holloman AFB                                                      Copper, Fiber Optics (17 Bldgs  including HQ)

  • NASA                                                                       (White Sands)-Copper, Fiber Optics (Nursing Station New Construction)
  • Core of Engineers                                               (Emery Site) -Fiber Optics Underground 
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement    (San Antonio)-Copper, Fiber, Telecom Network  
  • Canon AFB                                                            Copper, Fiber, Network, Armory, Underground, SIPRNet and NIPRNet 
  • Southwest Key Schools                                    Aerial Copper, Fiber Optics, Network, Telecom  

Customers:   Federal, State, Local, Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, Logistics, Immigration,  Educational, Large and Small Corporations.