Tigua Enterprises

Ports of Entry Consultation


Scope of Work: Completed site survey at multiple ports of entry. Provided impromptu support for all locations

Date: March 2020

Value: $18,500

Requested Project Goals
Locations: Tornillo, San Ysidro, and Columbus Ports of Entry

Tigua Enterprises requested a site survey and recommendations for issues both determined and undetermined. At each of the three locations, a full report was requested to be presented with both the cause of the issues and a proposed resolution to the issues.  


Work Completed

With the project goals in mind, we were able to:

  • provide a detailed site survey for each location

  • provide a list of all necessary equipment or software upgrades 

  • integrate camera systems into one monitoring station

  • fixed PLC system to be controlled from the main operations booth

  • installed low-frequency noise filer for noise reduction

  • completed full integration to existing equipment

  • replaced all LifeSize Equipment at each bond station

  • connected new equipment to enable recording in the LifeSize Cloud

Customer Satisfaction

Our client was very satisfied with the service provided. We were able to exceed the basic expectations of the scope of the project goals. 

Multiple Locations

2017 Texas Ave. El Paso, TX 79901

198 Paloma Mesa Rd. Anthony, NM 88021

5470 S. Monrovia Ave. Tucson, AZ 85706



TX:  (915) 845-0007

NM: (575) 201-3505

AZ:  (502) 647-6321

Cage Codes & DUNS


Cage Code: 1VCH6

DUNS#: 106269736

New Mexico

Cage Code: 7TL09

DUNS#: 080550546


EIN: 73-1654933

CRS: 03-062428-00-2

SPIN: 143025063

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